General Rules

  • All tips to be entered via the website weekly.  However, the results from are NOT being used in this competition.
  • If you don’t tip you will get the away teams.
  • Entry fees of $100 must be paid by the start of round 2.
  • All winners will be paid out at the end of the season.  If you don’t collect your winnings after the confirmation is sent they will be donated to the WPJC punting fund.
  • Rules may change from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • All results will be posted on
  • A draw will be counted as a win in all competitions

Competitions (Pots based on 21 entrants)

1. Odds based tipping competition.

  • Tip the winner of the game and you get the odds minus the bet (ie $2.80 you win $1.80 if it wins and lose $1 if it loses).
  • Odds will be released prior to the round and will be based on Sports Bet odds.
  • Rounds 4,7,9,11,16,18,20,23 and 24 are double point rounds where you get double the odds for each correct tip.  Tips still cost 1 unit.

Prize money

  • Winner 50%, Second 30%, Third 20%.  Pot to $1000

2. Tip all winners competition (normally tip 9 winners but less in the bye rounds)

  • Tip all winners in a round and win the prize pool.
  • If no competitor tips all winners then the prize pool jackpots.
  • If more than 4 competitors tip all winners then the prize pool jackpots to the following week.
  • If 4 or less competitors tip all winners then the prize pool is split amongst the competitors.
  • In round 24 if no one tips all winners then the prize pool will be split amongst those competitors that got the highest score in the final week.

Prize money

    • Weekly pot of $50 and splits as per above rules

3. The Weakest Link

  • The person who has the lowest odds based profit return from the round is knocked out each week.
  • This will be calculated on the “profit” from the week.
  • If there is a tie there will be a recount based on the highest difference in margin selected for the first game of the round.
  • If it is still a tie all competitors will be knocked out.
  • Depending on final numbers in latter rounds more than one person may be knocked out of the competition to find the eventual winner.  You will be notified if it is a double elimination before the round starts.

Prize money

  • Winner takes all….prize money $300